Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not A Trash Can

Any one else sometimes feel like a trash can? Why do I feel the need to clean my kids' plates? Gross. I know - I hate to see food go to waste. But really? Do I not deserve to eat pretty food that has not been slobbered on and played with until barely recognizable? Admit it - you do it too (or did it once upon a time when your kids still left food on their plates)! Sometimes I find myself eating things I don't even like! WHY???? My hips do NOT appreciate it. I must stop. I will stop.

Join me - "I am NOT a trash can. I am NOT a trash can. I AM NOT A TRASH CAN!"

BTW - down another pound this morning - although I suspect it is because I worked late last night and didn't drink as much as I usually do in the evenings. We will see over the next couple of days.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jumping Cow

So, Monday went relatively well. Lucy and I did our exercise together. It was only 20 minutes, but that is better than nothing. And - she decided it needed to be ballet style! I giggle to myself when I picture what we must have looked like running, hopping, twirling, and jumping (you get the picture) around the house. I probably looked something like a jumping cow - not exactly graceful. But, I don't care and the sounds of laughter filled the house - which made the experience wonderful.

Tuesday, also a good day. It started with a weigh-in - and guess what I was down another pound! YIPPEE! Now, I don't expect the weight to keep dropping at this rate. I think my body is just in SHOCK. It wants to know why I keep making it move and am not feeding it crap all the time. My muscles are still screaming at me - but it doesn't bother me. They too will learn the new ways and enjoy them. Already I notice I have way more energy! Which I TOTALLY need to get through my long days - without a nap. :)


I did break down today a little - I craved sugar!!! So, I decided to make some fabulous chocolate chip cookie dough dip from a recipe I found online. Thank you Katie! At least the calories I consumed were not completely empty! My kids love this one too. Please visit Katie's site for the recipe and MANY other 'healthy' desserts.

'Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming...' (can you hear Dory??)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yummy Drink/Breakfast

One of my favorite morning drinks is a yogurt drink/smoothie. It is simple and with tofu, will hold you over for a while.

here is the recipe:

1/2 banana
1/2 container of strawberries
1/2 container of tofu (either silken or soft)
16 oz low fat/non-fat vanilla yogurt - I like the vanilla light and fit
1 TBSP sweetener(optional )

Throw everything except the sugar into a blender. Blend away! I like to taste and then add sugar as needed. Blend one more time. Pour in glass and enjoy! All of the amounts are approximate. This is very forgiving. Use any fruits to change color and flavors! Might also be good as a soft frozen ice cream!!! May need to try the ice cream version later this week!

Hope you enjoy!

Day 2: 179 lbs
Exercise - not yet, but plan to next! Little one is dictating things a bit today. I think I will do a 'circuit' type workout so I can do it in the family room with her.

Oh yeah - I HURT!!!! Guess that means I did something right yesterday. I fear for tomorrow! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

And so, it begins

We just returned from vacation. We had a wonderful visit with the in-laws at the beach. I have been struggling with my weight for a while now - but this past week I saw some photos of myself (I am  usually the one behind the camera so I get to avoid this quite nicely). AHHHH! Is that really me?!?! I have been wanting to lose weight  but have lacked the motivation. I think I have found it! So, today, I woke up and started exercising. I took photos of myself - no, I won't share those quite yet. Took measurements and wrote them down. Threw out the cake left over from vacation. I'm sure I will crave that again, but not today! :) Thank goodness for small victories. And, I am starting this blog. Mostly just to catelog my weight loss journey, but also to record my life's journey. This blog is a work in progress - like everything in my life. So, be patient with me. The most important part for me right now, is just to start.

I have been on a weightloss journey before. I did quite well for a year. I lost 25 lbs and kept most of it off for a year. Then, we started to build a house - ourselves. Stress, little time for food preparations, and old habits crept back into my life. But, as we were finishing the house, I was getting back on track. We had more time on our hands and food preparations were going much better. I was exercising again. THEN - I got pregnant and everything went out the window. I gained the most on this third pregnancy and have not really been successful losing the weight again. But then, I haven't really tried either - I must be honest. Oh - did I mention, I have back issues. I do have medical restrictions on exercises - which just makes this a bit more challenging. I have used this as an excuse for some time now - pain is a powerful driving force. But, no more. So, now at an all time high weight (in a non-pregnant state) I think I am ready to make life-style changes. We shall see. Any bets??? Anyone else want to join me?

DAY 1!!!!! Starting point 180 lbs (eeek!)
exercised 45 minutes - doing Bootcamp workout by Kenneth Hogan. (I have found this to be ok with my back - with just a few minor modifications)
Off to the grocery store this afternoon - we have NOTHING in the house as we just got back from vacation.
Food goals - eat more vegtables than treats.

Oh - I should mention one more thing. I LOVE sweats and breads. I have a love affair with carbs. I don't like to follow diets - just try to eat a balanced diet and exercise most days.

eat right and exercise. Simple yes. Easy NO.