Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jumping Cow

So, Monday went relatively well. Lucy and I did our exercise together. It was only 20 minutes, but that is better than nothing. And - she decided it needed to be ballet style! I giggle to myself when I picture what we must have looked like running, hopping, twirling, and jumping (you get the picture) around the house. I probably looked something like a jumping cow - not exactly graceful. But, I don't care and the sounds of laughter filled the house - which made the experience wonderful.

Tuesday, also a good day. It started with a weigh-in - and guess what I was down another pound! YIPPEE! Now, I don't expect the weight to keep dropping at this rate. I think my body is just in SHOCK. It wants to know why I keep making it move and am not feeding it crap all the time. My muscles are still screaming at me - but it doesn't bother me. They too will learn the new ways and enjoy them. Already I notice I have way more energy! Which I TOTALLY need to get through my long days - without a nap. :)


I did break down today a little - I craved sugar!!! So, I decided to make some fabulous chocolate chip cookie dough dip from a recipe I found online. Thank you Katie! At least the calories I consumed were not completely empty! My kids love this one too. Please visit Katie's site for the recipe and MANY other 'healthy' desserts.

'Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming...' (can you hear Dory??)

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  1. That lookds good too....Slowly my motivation is coming...