Sunday, February 26, 2012

And so, it begins

We just returned from vacation. We had a wonderful visit with the in-laws at the beach. I have been struggling with my weight for a while now - but this past week I saw some photos of myself (I am  usually the one behind the camera so I get to avoid this quite nicely). AHHHH! Is that really me?!?! I have been wanting to lose weight  but have lacked the motivation. I think I have found it! So, today, I woke up and started exercising. I took photos of myself - no, I won't share those quite yet. Took measurements and wrote them down. Threw out the cake left over from vacation. I'm sure I will crave that again, but not today! :) Thank goodness for small victories. And, I am starting this blog. Mostly just to catelog my weight loss journey, but also to record my life's journey. This blog is a work in progress - like everything in my life. So, be patient with me. The most important part for me right now, is just to start.

I have been on a weightloss journey before. I did quite well for a year. I lost 25 lbs and kept most of it off for a year. Then, we started to build a house - ourselves. Stress, little time for food preparations, and old habits crept back into my life. But, as we were finishing the house, I was getting back on track. We had more time on our hands and food preparations were going much better. I was exercising again. THEN - I got pregnant and everything went out the window. I gained the most on this third pregnancy and have not really been successful losing the weight again. But then, I haven't really tried either - I must be honest. Oh - did I mention, I have back issues. I do have medical restrictions on exercises - which just makes this a bit more challenging. I have used this as an excuse for some time now - pain is a powerful driving force. But, no more. So, now at an all time high weight (in a non-pregnant state) I think I am ready to make life-style changes. We shall see. Any bets??? Anyone else want to join me?

DAY 1!!!!! Starting point 180 lbs (eeek!)
exercised 45 minutes - doing Bootcamp workout by Kenneth Hogan. (I have found this to be ok with my back - with just a few minor modifications)
Off to the grocery store this afternoon - we have NOTHING in the house as we just got back from vacation.
Food goals - eat more vegtables than treats.

Oh - I should mention one more thing. I LOVE sweats and breads. I have a love affair with carbs. I don't like to follow diets - just try to eat a balanced diet and exercise most days.

eat right and exercise. Simple yes. Easy NO.

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