Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maintaining through the Holidays

The Holidays. Such a wonderful time of year. Lovely extra family time. Gifts. Parties. FOOD. Lots of food. Lots of BAD foods. Temptations around every corner. For me, the challenges start now. Halloween. Candy - oh so much candy. Luckily, these days candy is not as big of a draw for me. I say that, but how many mini candy bars did I eat today - I don't want to know.

So, tomorrow it goes into a cupboard so I don't see it all day staring at me. The quick grab. I feel like I need a bowl to smack my hands if I go near it. :)
I need to plan. Options. What other foods will I keep on hand that are healthy alternatives and quick, easy grabs?

So that should take care of most of the Halloween issues. Next up, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, we will be out of town for both. But, I still love to bake and we like to have family favorites.
Plan. Options.
I will bake just our favorites. 1 per week. Half batches. Keep half for that week, freeze the other half.
Again, make sure to have plenty of healthy alternatives that are easy to grab.

Exercise. I need to make sure to get at least SOME exercise in each day.

Combat eating just to do something. STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN. Get it cleaned and get out. I have lots of sewing to do - which will be good to keep me away from the kitchen.

Parties, luckily, we don't have many parties. But if we do have some this year: plan - no drinking my calories. If I must, just one glass. Stay away from the food! Eat something healthy before the party to keep from eating much at the party. Search for the healthier items. Take a dish to pass I know. Watch calories for several days before.

But, I don't want to stress over all this. If I have days of overindulgence, then exercise more. Enjoy my time. Focus on overall health - not the scale.

So, for now, that is my plan.

What plan do you think will work for you?


  1. When my kids came home with a ton of candy, I used to bag up at least half of it and out it in the freezer. I would get some out in small batches that I could then put into lunch bags or whatever. They would often have enough to go until CHristmas.