Sunday, October 21, 2012

Special gifts

We are always trying to think of ideas for personal gifts. Pinterest sure is a great resource for ideas! Thank goodness! I'll tell you, people think I am SOOO creative, but really I just actually MAKE some of the ideas/projects I find on the internet. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone. ;)

This spring I had to make some teacher quilts. Well, HAD to might be a bit misleading. That is what I typically make for teachers at the end of year. My middle daughter has a large creativity streak in her (yay!). One day she had done a design in crayon on some paper. I LOVED the pattern. So, she and I together created a digital file that could be uploaded to Spoonflower and made into this and this fabric! And then that fabric became part of her teacher's quilt. Cool right? (Her fabrics are the 2 fabrics that look patterned in this photo.)

Of course, once the grandmas saw they fabric, they wanted things made from it as well. So, off to the sewing machine I went. I made some flour sack kitchen towels (I don't remember, and can't find, the tutorial I actually used. But there are several on Pinterest and other places) and a little zippered pouch. I have a little bit left, and am saving it for a future undetermined project. The grandmas LOVE their items to display to all their friends/family.

You can make your own fabric out of the kids' artwork pretty easily. Simply scan it into the computer (make sure to use a high resolution). Spoonflower will accept multiple different file formats. Check it out. Then, upload your design, choose how you do or do not want the repeats. Select your fabric and amount. Order away! My fabric arrived within a couple of days! I have used just the Kona cotton - which I love! Yes, it is a bit spendy for fabric, but in small amounts it is totally worth the ability to give a completely unique and sentimental gift! I have done 5 towels, the zippered pouch, and the quilt all from 2 yards of fabric. I still have about 1/3 yard left to use on something!

For another idea, go to this post where I designed fabric and used it for a special bag that was given away in a charity raffle.

So, is your head spinning with ideas? Please share ideas if you think you will be doing something like this for gifts over the holidays.

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  1. Jill, This G'ma loves the towel & pouch you made for me from the material my grandaughter designed! The towel is a showpiece in my kitchen, but the pouch gets used in my purse/tote on a daily basis. Everyone I show these items to think the design is wonderful and are amazed that someone so young can actually design their own material. Thank you Jill! You ARE very creative and these items are very special!