Thursday, November 8, 2012

'tis the season - cold and flu season

Well, we have fully experienced colds so far this season. 3 of us hit so far. Yep, it's that time of year again. The worst part for me is the tissues. My poor nose! Over the past several years, I would just use all the lovely flannel burp clothes we had on hand. But, we have moved past that point in out lives and all the burp clothes have been passed on for others to use. Don't worry, they were washed - a lot.

So, once the cold hit my son, he requested I make some more. Instead of the fancy curved burp clothes I had previously, I went with simple (and FAST) squares and rectangles. I made a few double layered soft flannel hankies. Size doesn't really matter - they are all a little different, depending on how much I had on hand.

Seriously, you should make these. Your noses will thank you.

What I did:
take 2 pieces of flannel fabric. Mine were about 8" square-ish but you can use any size.
Sew rights sides together, leaving a 3ish inch opening on one side for turning.
clip corners.
top stitch around all edges.

And, your new hankies are ready for work!

I hope you make it through the season without needing these little lovelies. But, if you are not that fortunate, you will want these by your side.

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