Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greek Yogurt - rosa pasta sauce

This is a new love of mine. I am finding soooo many uses for this in cooking to help reduce calorie and fat intake in our diets.

Tonight, I made this pasta recipe for dinner - minus the shrimp. Thanks to back to her roots for the photo and recipe inspiration.
I loved it! Hubby thought it was fine (but he is not a big fan of cream sauces to begin with). The kids - well, they wouldn't even try it. The beauty of pasta dishes is I can make the sauce separate, give the kids their plain noodles, and then give it a toss with the rest of the noodles. I REFUSE to make separate dishes for the kids, but I do want them to eat something. So, this is usually the compromise.

Have you tried Greek Yogurt yet? What is your favorite recipe?

UPDATE: I have modified this recipe a bit more - so now my hubby likes it more. Instead of using all Greek Yogurt, I also throw in some light cream. I use about half a box of pasta (to feed all 5 of us), half jar of pasta sauce, 1-2 TBSP cream, 2-3 TBSP yogurt. I try to keep the ratio about 1/3 cream to 2/3 yogurt. This is a great dish I can customize for the whole family as I go. I even add in some spinach for myself at the very end.

I start with the noodles cooked. Add all the pasta sauce. Toss and heat a little longer. Give the kids' their portions. Back to the burner, I add in the cream, yogurt, and a little garlic. Heat through. Give hubby his. Back to the burner and add the spinach until it is wilty. Everyone is happy and I only use one pot! This takes me about 20 minutes from starting the water a boiling to having dinner on plates.

To round out the meal, we tend to have frozen mixed veggies (the steam in the bag ones - super easy and fast) and some fresh fruit. If I happen to have some rolls handy I will heat those as well, but I try not to use those all the time - all those carbs are not good for me and I can't resist my carbs.


  1. brilliant and easy.! my family loved it x

    1. glad it was successful! I do like this one.