Friday, March 9, 2012

Sewing Space

Several other blogs are sharing their craft spaces this week, so I thought I would share mine as well. It is nothing fancy - or even finished.  BUT, it is a dedicated space that I don't have to clean up - ever. Obviously, from these pictures, I don't. YEAH!!!! My space is in my unfinished basement. I was tired of looking at studs and insulation all the time, so I hung some fabric on the walls (just some sheets I had on  hand). That really helped make it feel a little more finished. My lovely hubby built the shelves above the windows for me. A great spot for the notions in jars I don't use much. Yes, I have to climb on tables to get to them, but storage is always challenging and I am trying to use the space I have. Just about everything is this space was given to me or bought second hand. I have tried to spend Little to NO money organizing and making this space functional. I have many more plans for makeovers for the pieces in this space. But really, they are low on the priority list.

I have a LARGE cutting table that always seems to get piled high with stuff and I really have to work to get a space free for cutting! I have been working on changing that, but what can I say - I am a creature of habit! And, yes that is my laundry in the background that needs to be done.. Everything under the table is still in limbo waiting for me to find a nice home for it. Until then, it sits patiently and waits.

I have hung some of my tools I use at the cutting table on the shutters that are hiding the furnace. This is working great! These shutters came from the neighbors shed - they were real functioning wood shutters sitting sadly not being used. Until I came along!

I have an entire storage shelf FULL of fabric in bins. My fabric even spills over to the next shelf. Then, I have another unit for storage (you can see the white cabinet at the end of the sewing machines). Yes - I have TOO much fabric. I have been stash busting for a long time. If it makes you (ok, me) feel better - I did not buy most of this fabric - it was given to me. Yeah me! I must say, I have had a hard time using all the fabric that was given to me. It is nice fabric, just not what I tend to buy. Anyone else have a problem using fabric they acquired from someone else??

My machines... Yes, there are 4 sitting there. 2 regular sewing machines, 1 serger, and 1 embroidery machine. The singer sewing machine and the serger are mine. The other regular sewing machine is my daughter's. The embroidery machine is my mom's that is currently on loan - thanks mom! I love having my machine's face the windows. SOOOO nice to have so much natural light! It can be difficult in the evenings as the sun is setting - but just for a couple of minutes and I consider that a good problem to have! Not a bad break to watch the sun set!

Hanging - I have patterns I have made and a TON of shirts just waiting to be turned into something new. The yellow fabric is hiding a shelf that has all kinds of misc stuff. Store bought patterns, stamps, paints, etc. On top I have 2 hat stands, interfacing, and padding for computer bags. Just to the left of that unit, I have hung a variety of roll papers and my ribbon. Below that I have shoe shelves stuffed with clothes to reuse, battings, and a few other misc things. Next to that, I have a 3 drawer bin of scraps. And, of course, my ironing board. Can't work without that! In this picture you also get to see some of the exposed studs and some extra building supplies (like the core door).

I also have a space for my photography. It is completely make shift - I have tried to use whatever was on hand. But, it works. This space still needs a TON of work to make it right, but as everything else - it will come with time. And yes -my space exceeds my abilities. :)

So - this is my space. One day, it will be in a really pretty finished space. But until then, I will enjoy what I have!

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  1. Wow! so much room! I'm jealous of all that space for photography! Great set up!

    1. I do love having so much space. My kids can be down there playing around me as I work. It's not a pretty space, but it is SOOO functional. Looking forward to seeing your organization!

  2. I am jealou of you windows!!!! It wouldn't feel like a dungeon with light like that!!!

    1. Hi Jodi, thanks for stopping by. I have had a sewing space in a traditional basement with the tiny windows. This is WAY better. We probably went a bit overboard with windows when we built this house, but I do love natural light.