Monday, March 26, 2012

Lessons for Weight Loss: 1 Goal Setting

I was part of a research study several years back and received a bunch of information and lessons. Unfortunately, I no longer have any contact information to see if it is ok for me to post any of these lessons. So, I will attempt to credit the source now... UNC Weight Loss Study (2007). It was run by a graduate student. Wish I could provide more.  I will not copy everything, but I am going to summarize. Just know - the information and ideas here are not mine (the pictures are mine though). If I can find the source, I will add it.

Lesson 1: Goal Setting
Goal setting is important. The better your goals, the better your weight loss results. (Hmmm, seems I messed up from the get go). :P

  • Set bot Outcome Goals and Process Goals
    • Outcome Goals
      • i.e. I want to lose x amount of weight in x time frame. This type of goal focuses on a final product or result. If this is the only type of goal you set, you may be setting yourself up for frustrations as sometimes things that effect the scale are out of your control.  

    • Process Goals
      • i.e. I want to exercise every day. Or I want to record my food intake every day. This type of goal focuses on actions you must take to reach your outcome goal. Because these goals focus on behaviors you can control, they can help feed your feelings of being successful.

  • You need to be careful when setting these goals.
    • Be specific.
    • They need to be measurable,
    • attainable,
    • realistic and
    • tangible.
  • Write them down. Put them in a visible place for constant reminders.
  • Celebrate  your achievements.
    • When you reach a goal - celebrate  your achievements. It may help to make a list of ways in which you will reward your successes throughout the process. Then, when you set a goal choose how you will reward yourself.

So, that is it! Seems easy enough - right?

So - here are my starting goals. I plan to start small and make additional goals as I go.

1. Lose 1lb a week for the next 4 weeks - or 4 lbs by April 30th (yes, I am giving myself a few extra days - you don't care though, do you?)

2. Exercise 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes followed by stretching. wed and thur will be my off days as they are just crazy work and family schedule days.

If I achieve both goals: I will reward myself with a professional massage!

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