Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Crochet Fun

I have been playing around with the crochet again. Here are a few projects I have done recently.

Owl hat.

I used basically this pattern.

Fox hat. 

Because my youngest LOVES 'What does a fox say' so, I made her this hat. However, my middle child has decided she likes it better than her owl hat, so they switched. I kind of made up my own pattern. I used this pattern as inspiration, but didn't like the way it was shaping up with this specific yarn (it is a cotton yarn, which I would not recommend for this project, it is too stretchy). I did a basic hat with ear flaps (much like the owl hat), but added a peak by doing a combination of half double, double, triple crochet and then reversed. There are lots of fox patterns available for free on Ravelry if you need more detailed directions.

Tunisian Crochet
And, then I decided it was time to do some more Tunisian crochet.

My little one chose this yarn (Cascade Pacific, Caribbean) from Twisted Knitter - our local yarn shop.  For this, I used the Tunisian knit stitch. I followed instructions from My Tunisian Crochet. This is a great blog that has great videos and tutorials. It is how I am learning. This was my first attempt with this specific stitch. I really like working in the round, but you need a double hook for that. When working in the round, I use both the outer and inner yarn strands (one for the lead, one for the chase). This cowl took less than one skein. If you want to make it a little bigger for an adult size, one skein will do it! I actually like the way it rolls - which is what tunisian crochet will do naturally. If you want to try this and don't like the roll, make sure to use a yarn that you can block later.

Have you been working on any projects lately? 

Later gator!

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