Monday, July 29, 2013

Welcome Cupcake!

Meet the latest addition to our family, Cupcake. For some reason, I keep calling her Penelope. I chalk it up to mommy mush brain. She has the annoying habit of waking up between 3 and 4 to go out and play. I would say to use the 'facilities' but usually she has already done that inside. :( Needless to say, with shortened sleep and messes in the kitchen - I am not the easiest person to be around in the morning. For all of my local friends - consider yourself warned. At least we are able to use a baby gate and keep her in the kitchen where messes are easier to clean.

Cupcake is an energetic 8 month old, semi house trained, mostly obedient, and only mildly irritating to Boomer. Boomer has finally decided to let her know when she goes to far. It has been interesting to see both dogs interact. Both are somewhat submissive, so it is interesting watching their relationship develop.

We had started looking at some other Treeing Walker Coonhounds (just like Boomer) that are available around the area. Of course - aren't they all cute?!?!? We has JUST started talking about getting a second dog. Silly me, I'm thinking (hoping) we will get another dog just a sweet and calm as Boomer. Of course, I forgot he was a bit of work at first to. Then just 3 days later, poof - we have a new dog.

Lucy has discovered a love for training Cupcake. Getting Cup to sit and giving her a treat puts a huge smile on Lucy's face. She walks around with quit the strut. Since Lucy is smaller than Cupcake, I can see how empowered she feels. And, isn't it nice to get a dog to sit still instead of tackling you? Who wouldn't like that?!

So, we all continue to adjust and try to spread the love.

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