Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Rules, Old Concept

So, I found these rules on Pinterest - yeah, I told you I like that site.

I have heard all or most of these before. They are working me towards eating clean. Have you heard about clean eating lately? It is the 'new' thing - of course it is how our grandparents actually ate. My grandparents would buy flour and sugar (you know, they came in those awesome fabric sacks you pay and arm and leg for now) and the rest came from the garden or the farm. Well, I'm trying to work back towards that type of eating. BUT, it is expensive and not overly convenient. So we are trying to find a balance that helps us achieve better health.

I admit, some of these are REALLY hard for me. So, I may not achieve all of these right away, I will start working towards being able to accomplish these rules without wanting to kill myself. And, even though these are 'non-negotiable' I still find myself thinking "everything's negotiable". Hmmm, probably part of my problem.

Here is a rundown on how I fare with the rules.
I'm good with rule 1 and 2, I've been working on 3 for a while.
5 - wow, that's a lot of fiber. ok, I'll try.
6 - I like it. I can do that.
7 - WHAT???? I don't know if I will ever be able to do that!
8 - got it (although I do ignore those labels, which probably makes me lose points on this one)
9 - umm - I try. But I hate to take the time to measure. Yes, I know. I just have to. I have gotten better though, I use small bowls and plates.
10 - yeah - not sure I will ever be able to do this - if it includes straight up sugar. AKA desserts.
11 - really? Well, we don't eat a ton of white potatoes, probably about once a week. Doubt I will get support from the family to cut that one out entirely.
12 - no problem, we already do that.
13 - not a big deal for me. We only eat out fast food when traveling and maybe 1 other time a month. Honestly, not something I crave. Rule 10 is where I go seriously wrong.
14 and 15 - check
16 - ok for me, not the rest of the family.
17 - I KNOW. BUT, I really don't like them. I need someone to come and show me how to make them taste good. To me, they just don't taste good. And, since I am not a good cook, I am probably ruining all the recipes I try anyways.
18-20, usually ok.

So, what rules are the hardest for you?



  1. I am pretty good with the fruits and veggies and cutting out a lot of the "fake food." But you're right - that is A LOT of fiber!! And no carbs after lunch? Not sure I agree with that? Didn't our grandparents have rolls and bread with dinner?

  2. the no carbs after lunch would be VERY hard! The no sugar hard too. I really believe in and follow Rule 2 (don't drink your calories), although I've learned to like Coke Zero so that I don't have calories so that makes me break Rule 10 (altho the Coke Zero is just an occasional drink, not a habit). Oh - and i guess the beer I drink would break Rule 2 as well.....I've gotten WAY better at 17 (veggies). I try to snack on veggies at work and include them with most lunches and dinners. Rule 15 (eat at home and make food) I am either REALLY good with, or I miss grocery shopping and meal planning day and my week is terrible.

    Rules are too hard!!!

  3. Thanks Ladies, glad I am not the only one that would struggle with these rules! I agree these rules would work to lose weight and keep it off, but I think it is a bit extreme. I agree - no carbs after lunch? Thanks, but I WANT my dinner roll. I will try to only eat one and not 10. I am making progress, although slowly. I would make much greater progress if I followed these rules completely, BUT I would be REALLY grumpy, which doesn't make for a fun life. So, I continue on my journey - slowly - and try to incorporate more of these rules into my life.

  4. No carbs after lunch --- ehh,, eff that! I can't. I mean, I don't eat a lot of carbs as it is, I keep mine at below 50% of total calories so whatever haha. I'd rather be happy than miserable, that's too big of a restriction for me.

    1. Hi Kammie,
      Thanks for stopping by. I like these rules as a guide, but I WON'T follow them all the way. I'm with you, too big of a restriction. I take it as don't over do the carbs. I know that is one of my biggest problems in general. I briefly popped over to your site. I will spend more time there. Looks interesting.