Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Fun

Kid Fun
So far during this summer school break, things have gone pretty well. The kids are sleeping in, which makes me happy, and have been playing together relatively well (which makes me even happier). But, we still need things to do so we aren't plugged in all the time.

Pinterst - how I love you  for great ideas. You can find my boards here.

Last week we experimented with the ivory soap 'clouds' here and here. All 3 kids that this was really cool. I was even able to work in some of the science as to why it works. Sneaky. I wish I had pics, but sadly, I do not. I will take some to share the next time we do this little bit of fun. It is quick, easy cleanup, and you can make the clouds into shapes if you want the fun to last longer.

Today it was time to break out the slime! I love this stuff. It is not messy, and my girls really enjoyed the whole process. Their imaginations were occupied for a good hour. Then, they decided it smelled bad (I still don't really smell anything - but that could just be me). So, off to glitter glue paintings.

I have been able to spend a little time in the sewing room - which I love.

I have made some chalk boards - great to take places, or just play with at home. My girls love them, my son will use them a little, but has deemed himself too old.

I had some baby items to make.

More golf headcovers.

And my biggest challenge this week was upcycling thrift store dresses with all kids of lace. I made 2 coordinating dresses for sisters. The general idea is simple. The sewing is easy. Making it all look right - took a little planning. This was a fun project. I hope to do more.

I have been working in more veggies and fruits and fewer treats. Greek yogurt is still a favorite partial substitute. I think I have a good chocolate chip cookie recipe now - one the kids don't realize is 'healthy'. I'll share that later. My hardest struggle these days is working in good exercise. In theory it is easy. In reality, I just don't want to. I would much rather sew or bake or play with the kids.

What are your favorite summer fun things to do with the kiddos when it is HOT outside?

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  1. I love the expressions on the kids faces as they are mixing up their GAK! A good way to sneak in a little reading, math and science. I like the roll up chalkboards. Am going to show them to Arde today. You have been soooooo busy!! My "Canuper babies" are so lucky.