Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crazy Farm

This weekend we welcomed some sheep to our farm! It has been so exciting adding some larger animals to the farm.

Meet Daisy May and her baby Binky (both are white). Binky is about 3 weeks old.

We also brought home Mabel who was pregnant. On Monday, Mabel gave birth to a cut little boy we named Hunter. Hunter looks a bit like a cow. I was lucky enough to witness the birth!! Mabel did a great job and is proving to be a wonderful mother.

About 1 hour post birth

With the addition of new animals to the farm, I have been put into scenarios I never dreamed possible. I also have imagined some scenarios I am SOOOO thankful never actually happened. I have to share these as they have given me some good laughs - now that I know they didn't actually happen and hopefully they never will.

The first came about while Mabel was in labor. Remember, we have NO experience with sheep - or other 'large' farm animals for that matter. I was blessed to witness the birth of a cow a few years ago at a neighbor's farm. There I learned that if the cow labors for 30-60 minutes and doesn't progress, they will help with the birth. Now, here I am watching Mabel move around with a couple of hooves emerging. I figured I should probably watch the clock. After about 20 minutes with NO progress, I was starting to worry (thinking about the cow time frame). I was able to get a vet on the phone, and sure enough sheep have the same 30-60 min time frame. Mild panic starts to surface. Luckily, mama was doing well and in no obvious stress. So, I start to prepare to 'help' mama. I found some gloves and washed them REALLY good. Changed my clothes and took my coat off - wouldn't want to ruin that. All the while I was praying Mabel would be done by the time I checked on her again. No such luck. A little more panic starts to surface. This is a sheep that doesn't know me, it is her first birth, I may need to help her, and I am the ONLY one home. ACK! Time to put my big girl panties on and do what needs to be done as we are now at about the hour mark. I take a few steps towards Mabel and she starts to bolt. Oh crap. I took a step back in hopes she would calm down.  How on earth am I going to hold her AND get the baby out??? So here is where the CRAZY scene pops into my head. Me, straddling Mabel BACKWARDS to try to hold her still while grabbing onto baby and pulling. Meanwhile she takes off running and there I am trying to hold on with all  my might and trying to deliver her baby. It still makes me laugh. Luckily, nature took over and Mabel delivered within another couple of minutes. I think God knew I was in way over my head and gave me Mabel a break. PHEW!!!

2 days post birth

The second scene that never actually happened came on Tuesday (the very next day). After getting home from work I let the dog out and went out to check on the sheep. And yes, I did change my clothes first - the mud on the farm is CRAZY after 2 days of rain. As I approach the area the chickens and sheep are, the dog is going crazy. A couple of steps reveals why - Binky had gotten out of the fenced area she was supposed to be in. Oh crap - again! I need to open a gate and get her in without letting the other sheep or chickens out. The dog needs to be put up as who knows what she is going to do. Daisy May is beside herself as she can't protect her baby. After several failed attempts on my part, Daisy May and Binky are now BOTH on the wrong side of the fence and in danger of getting into a tangle with the dog. Likely that scene was hilarious to watch - I bet we could make millions if we were on tv.  Then I see it - the gates that are my only hope of keeping these sheep contained on the farm are WIDE open. ACK! Enter, crazy scene. Daisy May and Binky running down the road with me chasing them, yelling, and waving my arms trying not to get hit by cars that are FLYING by at 55 mph. Luckily, I was able to get the dog in the house and gates closed before the sheep got out. By the time I got back, my little lovelies were safe and sound back where they belong. PHEW!

Thank goodness nature just took over and the right things happened. Since then, we have been trying to work with them so they aren't so skittish.

Hopefully there won't be any more situations that come up that will cause my panic to rise that much again. But, I'm sure there will. Until then, we will have fun with our newest farm members.

Until next time...

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  1. I love the sheep and I am so glad the birthing process welcomed Hunter!