Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back Yard Wonders

Ok, so we live on a small farm with no real front yard or back yard distinctions. But I was out and about the other morning taking some photos of some of the lovely items I came across. We have really enjoyed watching the yard develop over the past few months. There are surprises every month. Things that have blossomed that we had no idea were there. Today, I am sharing lots of photos of some of the wonders we have experienced lately.

We have TONS of blackberries that are forming! Should be ready to pick in a few more weeks. Do you see the spider hiding?

I don't know what this is, but i like the texture.

There are 3 kinds of Lilies that have popped up that were a complete surprise! LOVE them.

The grapes have begun to form!

I love dew drops.

The last of the Honey Suckle. I was planning on picking a bunch and try to make some oil/scent. Yeah, that didn't happen. Most of it is gone now. :(

Bugs, Bugs, everywhere are bugs.

Do you see the bugs?

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Until Later...


  1. Loved the photos Jill! Blackberries when we get there?!!

    1. I think we will have some blackberries when you get here. I was told they are 'in season' for 6 weeks. The first ones are just now starting to turn pink.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Jill! You almost make this city girl want to live in the country! Then I see the bug pictures and think maybe I will continue to admire from afar! Haha! :)