Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strawberries, Strawberries, and MORE Strawberries

I am VERY excited! It is Strawberry season in NC. My youngest BEGGED me this morning to go picking. How could I resist? So, away we went. We didn't pick a ton - as the others will want to pick as well.

Happy Dance!

First, we ate a few - because who can resist strawberries staring at you and calling your name?

Then we got home and washed a few to eat a few more.

Then, I decided they would be REALLY yummy with chocolate! Instead of dipping, I drizzled - in the interest of not going crazy on calories. But, you will see some are a bit heavy on the chocolate (the kids will get those - they don't have any problems running around outside!).

Then, I had a bit of chocolate left over - time to cover some bananas,

pretzel rods,

and since there was some bacon sitting left over from last night's dinner I put some chocolate on that. WHAT??? Yes, I decided to give it a go. A friend said it was AMAZING. I haven't tried it yet - I will have to update you on the result later.

Hope you all are enjoying your strawberries (or are starting to plan what you will do with yours once they are ready).

Jam making this weekend!!!

Addendum... Chocolate covered bacon - good, but not at all worth the calories. At least, not for me. Hubby liked it more than I did, but he loves bacon so much, he would prefer no chocolate. It was fun to experiment though!


  1. I'm ready for your jam!!! Mom

  2. I could LIVE on strawberries-or pretty much any kind of berry! Love them! Chocolate covered is good but I prefer them just plain.

  3. Those look so yummy - makes me anxious for the Michigan strawberries to come in! So are the NC strawberries as good as the Michigan strawberries? :)

  4. Yes, NC strawberries are just as good as MI ones. Hopefully we will get to go picking again this week. I have a ton of jam made so far. I have one more recipe to try before I finish that post.